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California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom


"When it does not rain, how do your crops grow?"

This was one of many questions posed by students participating in this year’s virtual California Farm Day. This question, along with several more, were answered by the growers who provided presentations during the event. Students learned about olives, peaches, almonds, and plums (just to name a few) all of which are members of the 99% Club!—those commodities of which California produces 99% or more of the nation’s output.

Nearly 500 teachers and 16,000 students registered to LearnAboutAg during California Farm Day on April 1. More than 90% of the teachers surveyed said their students learned about the farm to fork process and discovered the nutritional benefits of California commodities from presenters like myself.

As an olive grower, I was thrilled to learn from the survey that several students were amazed that olive trees can grow for more than 100 years. They wanted to know more. When do olive trees bloom? When are they harvested? The teachers were appreciative and commented:

“My students learned so much about ag and came back from the weekend telling me what they “taught” their parents about California ag and telling them which commodity they want to taste together with their families.“

“We have a small garden in our school, and it was great for the students to make a connection to the much bigger agricultural processes in California.”

“I am so grateful to get to sit in our classroom and yet ‘go’ on a field trip with my students!”

I am proud to be the president of the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom whose goal has always been to increase students’ understanding of agriculture. Your support helps us deliver clear and reliable lessons like those shared during California Farm Day.

On behalf of California’s seven million students, we invite you to renew your support in 2022. We hope that you will help us continue to make sure children grow up learning about agriculture from credible organizations like the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom. Please renew your support today!




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